SBI’s primary mission is to promote the ethical and sustainable production and use of biochar.

We educate a wide range of affected stakeholders in the advantages of biochar as a key tool in Sonoma County (CA) to achieve both effective climate policy and program implementation and accelerated, sustainable agricultural productivity improvement. Biochar production and application holds great promise as a “fast mitigation technology” that, if utilized responsibly at scale, could decrease a significant percentage of atmospheric C02 while helping to build and maintain healthy soils.

In pursuit of these objectives, SBI actively promotes policies at local, state and federal government levels to foster early adoption of biochar production and application through appropriate carbon valuation and funding; technology support; offset protocols; and clear ways to define and address regulatory hurdles. SBI seeks to develop ongoing Sonoma County biochar demonstration projects designed to show the usefulness and viability of this emerging technology. Such projects include various components that together can link biochar production, GHG reduction, carbon sequestration, agricultural soil building and yield enhancement, water filtration, pollution mitigation, and energy cogeneration.

Sonoma Valley Vines in Fall

Sonoma Valley Vines in Fall

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