The Sonoma Ecology Center was recently awarded a grant by the North Coast Resource Partnership to purchase a set of flame-cap, “Ring of Fire” kilns, pioneered by Kelpie Wilson of Wilson Associates, that will be used to convert forest slash to biochar. The kilns will be part of a “kit” that includes a trailer to transport them, a 500 gallon water trailer, and various tools and fire retardant clothing that will be used by the Potter Valley Tribe and the Redwood Forest Foundation to demonstrate this method as an alternative to open pile burning. The kilns will also be used at a Demonstration Day being organized by the Scott River Watershed Council in Siskiyou County that will also include the Conservation Burn technique and the TigerCat Carbonator owned by forester Dan Falk.

Below are some pictures showing the type of kilns that will be used.

Photo Courtesy Kelpie Wilson
Kelpie Wilson (center) helps to construct a “Ring of Fire” kiln, a modular and mobile device designed to convert orchard and forest slash materials into biochar. Photo courtesy Kelpie Wilson



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