Just a quick reminder that we are hosting a community meeting tonight at the Sonoma Grange, […]
We have just confirmed two keynote speakers for our next Community Meeting on June 12th at […]
SBI has been incredibly busy these last two months with grant proposals, educational outreach and Open […]
The Citizen Science Project reached its goal today of distributing 200 free bags of biochar and […]
Here is a wonderful short video showing young people working to make the promise of biochar […]
Volunteers from the Sonoma Biochar Initiative, the Sonoma Ecology Center Garden Park, and Green Valley Village […]
Help us explore how biochar works in local soils using your personal, community, or school garden. […]
The Sonoma Biochar Initiative received word on Friday that our California GIG grant application to fund […]
Here is another fantastic article from Hans-Peter Schmidt’s Ithaka Journal: 55 Uses for Biochar Hans-Peter makes […]
Here is an excellent article from European vineyard grower Hans-Peter Schmidt, a highly respected writer, farmer, […]