Though this article discusses the 2011 growing season in Europe, it is highly topical and relevant […]
Here is another fantastic article from Hans-Peter Schmidt’s Ithaka Journal: 55 Uses for Biochar Hans-Peter makes […]
Announcing our first-ever COMMUNITY MEETING on Wednesday evening, March 13th, 2013 at the Sonoma Valley Grange […]
Here is an excellent article from European vineyard grower Hans-Peter Schmidt, a highly respected writer, farmer, […]
If you have time over the holidays check out this video: Produced by the BBC, this […];jsessionid=cd36e5138d18004eeb1fc4f367a0?bill_id=201120120SB1122 This bill, signed into law by Gov. Brown on Sept. 27th, requires energy corporations to […]
With our successful national conference now behind us, SBI’s Advisory Board has been hard at work […]
Steven Edholm has published a fascinating collection stories of farmers using charcoal/biochar in Europe and America […]
More than a decade ago now, renowned soil scientist Wim Sombroek (1934-2003) brought to light the […]
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